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Disease Protection

Parasites can appear unexpectedly on your pet at any time. Keeping them under control is vital for your pet's health.

We offer:

  • Long lasting flea and tick treatment for cats and dogs

  • Protection for dogs against heartworm and a range of other parasites

Care with newest technology 

Take care of your pet using the latest smart technology.

We offer:

  • Device to monitor cat's drinking

  • Smart pet feeders

  • Smart cat flaps

  • Activity & Behavior tracker


Microchip and Recovery Service

1 in 3 pets go missing

A dog or cat microchip helps you to be safely reunited with your pet if they go missing

We offer:

  • Microchip and recovery service 


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Smart cat flaps technology works so your cat can decide when to come and go, but no other cats can come in.

Activity & behavior tracker helps you understand if your dog is doing enough activity or demonstrating changes in behavior to prevent health issues

Smart pet feeders is the best way to keep your pet fed with the right amount of food and to track eating behaviors to prevent health issues

Cat drinking monitor is a water dispenser that will ensure your cat is never thirsty and that flags changes in drinking behavior.

Microchip and recovery service helps you to quickly reunite with your pet thanks to our network of professionals, volunteers, and your pet's unique microchip number.

Flea, tick, and heartworm treatment is long lasting flea and tick treatment for your cat or dog. It protects your pet against heartworm and a range of other harmful parasites and diseases.

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