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Hoboken Climate Hackathon Recap

Why this event

Hoboken stands at the forefront of climate change. With rising water levels, Hoboken has the opportunity to be a key player in the battle against climate change. There is an urgent need to address the new problems created by the unprecedented situation. To solve this problem, we decided to crowdsource knowledge of students and industry professionals to identify and address climate related issues Hoboken is facing today.


The event took place from January 15th - 22nd, 2021 and included 87 participants. These participants represented over 12 universities, multiple players in industry, and a diverse set of majors including history, quantitative finance, and mathematics. This event had representation from a large variety of backgrounds and 59 of the participants were from Stevens, 46% were female, and 34.6% of the students were graduate students.

The challenges fit into three broad categories: transportation, education, and emissions tracking. These challenges were inspired by Hoboken’s Climate Action Plan and of direct importance to the City of Hoboken’s climate objectives. Transportation included finding a way or platform to incentivize residents to use electric vehicles, bikes, and other clean alternatives for transportation. Education included finding a way to educate the community how to live more sustainably in Hoboken. Emissions tracking included broadening coverage to include emissions embedded in purchases that happen within Hoboken.


Through the deliberation of the judges on the set of impressive submissions three teams stood out as winners of the event. Their projects each tackled a unique issue and provided an interesting solution from reducing food waste to using blockchain technology. We linked their projects here so you can check them out:


  • 1st Place: Potluck

    • App to reduce food waste

    • Olivia H Scott, Susmitha Shailesh, Aparajita Rana

  • 2nd Place: Waste Less Atlas

    • Education system for Hoboken recycling

    • Jared Donnelly, Alexandra Wong, Kevin Castner Jr., Jolene Ciccarone, William Parente

  • 3rd Place: E-Chain

    • Using blockchain to make environmental protection compatible with economic growth

    • William Baltus, Simas Glebavicius


1st Place - 2 hours of Sustainability Consulting with MAAL Associates + 1 hour intellectual property session with Stevens Director of Technology and Commercialization, David Zimmerman

2nd Place - 2 hours of Sustainability Consulting with MAAL Associates


3rd Place - 1 hour of Sustainability Consulting with MAAL Associates


Any team pursuing their project further - 20 Minute Lean Startup Huddle w/ MAAL Associates


A huge thank you to our sponsors who helped make this event possible. Please check them out by pressing on the logos.

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Our judges and mentors represented various stakeholders in the Hoboken community and were picked to identify solutions that would provide the highest impact on the local community.


  • The City of Hoboken

    • Sabit Nasir

    • Casey Wolf

    • Jennifer Gonzales

    • Gregg Francese

  • David Zimmerman

  • Dakota Stormer

  • Grant Sahag

  • Professor Kevin Lu

  • Leigh Ann Soltysiak

  • Matt Cristaldi

  • Gregg Bjork

  • Raul Perez-Olle

  • James Ayoub